Sustainable Providers Australia - Story #1 - Brother Brother Organics

Sustainable Providers Australia – Story #1 – Brother Brother Organics

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This story has also been featured in the Fraser Coast QLD magazine The Beacon” Issue #16

In this series, I am interviewing sustainable businesses in our region and hope to encourage the Fraser Coast residents to support our local sustainable providers. Interested in participating? Info and how to contact me at”- Ewa Bekiesch

Sustainable Living on the Fraser Coast

Sustainable Providers

by Ewa Bekiesch – Permaculture Designer and Sustainable Living Consultant

A sustainable business considers its impact on the environment, society and ecological health.Today, we are introducing the ‘Brother Brother Organics’

Basic outline of your business:

We produce pasture raised chicken eggs in Maryborough QLD. Our hens live in purpose built chicken caravans that we move and rotate around our pasture. Business is a local family owned business by Amanda and Nick Kuhn. We started in March 2019 with 800 chickens and have grown to nearly 3000 chickens over the past 2 years to try and keep up with demand.

Tell us what you stand for as a business and why are you considering yourself being a sustainable business provider

It’s very simple what we do. Raising animals on pasture in a sustainable manner with a big focus on ethical treatment of our animals. We don’t use any chemicals, herbicides or pesticides in our operation. We recycle all our cardboard egg cartons and reuse them where possible. We also work with some of our cafes and restaurants to take fruit/vegetable scraps and feed them back to our chickens. The key to our operations is moving our chickens into a new paddock every week. After we move them, we spell the paddocks for 2 months giving the pasture time to regenerate and improve the soil health. This ensures our hens always have access to green pasture.

What was the initial idea to create your business? Tell a quick relatable story about why you started your business

We were both working full time office jobs and wanted to reconnect with our farming roots and spend more time with our young family whilst still working. They love being on the farm and even help collect and grade eggs. We love being able to produce something that is not only sustainable but is also really high quality. Our eggs won Champion Eggs at the 2019 Fraser Coast Show. To be able to produce a product that all our customers love (and often travel fair distances to get our eggs) is a wonderful feeling.

What you specialise in and the work you love doing?

We specialise in providing high quality pasture raised chicken eggs straight from our farm to the consumer. We particularly love the local markets we sell our produce through. We have built a wonderful customer base and the weekly market is a great way for us to socialise and connect with everyone.

What challenges are you facing while running your business?

The cost of farming as organic as possible and in a very low stocking density environment is high. There is also significant labour and time associated with our way of farming.

When COVID hit in 2020 this really disrupted our business and was an extremely challenging time to get through. Our local markets were all cancelled and they shut down all the cafes/restaurants we supplied. We can to completely rethink the way we did things.

How do the customers benefit from using your services/products?

Customers know exactly where their produce is coming from and what goes into producing it. They know they are getting fresh local produce straight from the farmer. They know they are getting a product that is produced in a sustainable farming system where ethical treatment of the animals is front and centre.

What is the future of your business? What do you hope to achieve within your business? Give us a glimpse into your future goals.

In the future we would love to add to our range of pasture raised eggs by producing pasture raised beef, chicken meat and turkey meat.

We would like to partner with local schools so they can learn about more sustainable methods of farming.

We would like to offer farm tours to the public so they can see how we produce our eggs and to be fully transparent in our operation to our customers.

We would also like to expand into producing organic fruit and vegetables.

Contact details:

Amanda Kuhn 0435753429. Nick Kuhn 0417768098.


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