Sustainable Providers Stories – Story #4 - EORTH Australia

Sustainable Providers Stories – Story #4 – EORTH Australia

In this series, I am interviewing sustainable businesses in Australia and hope to encourage the Australian people to support our local sustainable providers. Interested in participating? Info and how to contact me at”- Ewa Bekiesch – Permaculture Designer and Sustainable Living Consultant

Do you live in Australia and own a sustainable business? Or do you know someone who does? Contact us to get your story featured in the Earth Booth Australia directory! Its free!

A sustainable business considers its impact on the environment, society and ecological health. Today, we are introducing the ‘EORTH Australia’

Basic outline of your business that includes the Who, What, Where and since When of your business story – EORTH is an old English word for EARTH and Earth Before Plastic existed. We are an online Plastic Free Store that sells eco-friendly, zero waste, plastic free products for your home. We are located in sunny Far North Queensland — where the tropical rainforest meets the Great Barrier Reef. We opened our online store with the goal of educating people about the environmental impacts plastic is having on our planet as well as providing people with alternatives to everyday household products that typically contain plastic.

Tell us what you stand for as a business and why are you considering yourself being a sustainable business provider – We are all about the reduction in plastic consumption. Plastic is not sustainable and nor is plastic recycling.

What was the initial idea to create your business? Tell a quick relatable story about why you started your business – After participating in a Plastic Free July (going 30 days without using single use plastic) I soon realised I was using so much single use plastic that I simply wasn’t aware of. Once I stated to look for alternatives to plastic products I had scatted through my home I realised it was not easy to find these products. While there are many “eco” stores selling plastic free products, the majority of the products they sold were still packaged in plastic. I wanted to find an outlet that sold only plastic free products and set out to provide customers with this option.

What challenges are you facing while running your business – Finding products without plastic packaging is incredibly difficult, to add to that most of these products are manufactured outside of Australia. Finding a balance between Australian made and plastic free is an ongoing challenge.

How do the customers benefit from using your services/products –They create less waste, therefore everyone benefits – including Mother Nature.

What is the future of your business? What do you hope to achieve within your business? Give us a glimpse into your future goals – We will continue to forge ahead to be as Plastic Free and Australian made as possible.

Contact details – Cathy Earle – – @eorthshop (Twitter, FB, Pinterest, Insta)

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