Sustainable Providers Australia - Story #2 - Tassie Beeswax Wraps

Sustainable Providers Australia – Story #2 – Tassie Beeswax Wraps

“In this series, I am interviewing sustainable businesses in Australia and hope to encourage the Australian people to support our local sustainable providers. Interested in participating? Info and how to contact me at”- Ewa Bekiesch – Permaculture Designer and Sustainable Living Consultant

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A sustainable business considers its impact on the environment, society and ecological health. Today, we are introducing the ‘Tassie Beeswax Wraps’

Basic outline of your business that includes the Who, What, Where and since When of your business story: We are a just a partnership (Hannah and Zoe) and we sell beeswax food wraps, for replacing cling wrap and other plastic options. We are located in Southern Tasmania. We operate online and attend monthly markets; we are looking at selling through a shop front but it’s not top priority just yet. We are still pretty new, starting up in October 2020

Tell us what you stand for as a business and why are you considering yourself being a sustainable business provider? Tassie Beeswax Wraps is not just about profit – a lot of what we do is promoting sustainable, eco-friendly techniques. For us, beeswax wraps are a technique to offer, that’s easy for everyone to use/do. We consider ourselves sustainable because of this. Our wraps are 100% natural and we encourage anyone and everyone to go natural.

What was the initial idea to create your business? Tell a quick relatable story about why you started your business. Zoe and I have been using beeswax wraps for quite a number of years now, and last October, while looking at markets, we noticed the lack of people selling beeswax wraps. A couple of people suggested the idea of selling wraps, and we began to go to markets and start up online, through a website, Facebook and Instagram.

What you specialize in and the work you love doing. We specialize in beeswax food wraps. We may go further, and add another product but for the moment we’re sticking with the wraps. 

What challenges are you facing while running your business? Time 🙂 Fitting everything in is the biggest challenge. I’d say we’ve had it pretty easy so far with everything else. 

How do the customers benefit from using your services/products? Everyone benefits from beeswax wraps. They are much better than cling wrap, they last for years, super easy to use (no skill required), so much healthier, the list goes on.

What is the future of your business? What do you hope to achieve within your business? Give us a glimpse into your future goals. To be completely honest, we haven’t got any long term goals. We hope to up production, and start selling in eco stores, but really we’re just seeing where it takes us. Our business is small, and more of a hobby and ‘pocket money’ business than a full-time job.

9. Contact details. website, social media, address, opening hours, where and two images of your choice featuring your business, products or yourself with your products. Located 20 minutes South of Hobart but with no shop front

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